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My Crazy Journey

Dready Dan2
7 years ago
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3 months - SCARY

4 months - EVEN SCARIER.jpg

1 year 2 months - Finally getting somewhere

1 year 2 months - really beginning to enjoy them now.jpg

I've been on a mental crazy ride for the past 14 months, and many many times i thought i was doing it completely wrong, but these most recent photos tell a different story and the only thing i need now is a little length, but i've learnt the art of patience. My mum said she would have been in the hairdressers months and months ago telling them to chop it off, but i persevered and wore lots of slouchy beanies, hid the crazy nest stages and i have never been more proud of my crowning glory than i feel right now, and that's still with a long way to go.

I've never used any products, except and my hair has never been healthier!

Can't wait till the next year, thanks SE for all your amazing advice, couldnt have done it without you! x

If anyone is interested, i do have more photo's on my phone taken with the thoughts of perhaps putting a timeline up, and am happy to put them up if anyone wants to see them.

Catch up soon.

Dan :) xx

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7 years ago
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Brittany Goeden
7 years ago
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I would love to see them!My hair is doing what yers did fer a while the little stumps and what not lol Learning to love them and let go:) inspiring.

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