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More Photos: TnR 4 months

6 years ago
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With my top layer down, no one can tell that I have even thought about dreading my hair. Someone actually made fun of dreadlocks in front of me, so the top layer is pretty "normal" haha!
Here is my top layer pulled up:
I can't believe all of the length I have lost in just 4 months! The hair at the top of my shoulders used to be at the middle of my back.
Having fun on this dread journey :) A big thanks to all on here who have helped me in so many ways!

updated by @meg5: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
Laura Earle
6 years ago
233 posts

It's fun to play around with hairstyles during that stage. You can take a couple chunks of hair that have already matted up and tie back your loose hair in a ponytail, make a headband with them, etc. :)

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