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Getting rid of brushes, combs and conditioners! NEGLECT with love

Green Head
5 years ago
31 posts

Hey, suuup, I'm Sian, been on this site for over a year, not been dredding in that time but I enjoy reading what people have to say and seeing pics and from this I've been able to help people I know with their dreads an stuff, encouraging them to go natural 'n' all that!

I have always had what could be classed as 'punk' hairstyles, mohicans, spikes, shaved, BIG back combed creations in all sorts of colours.

Weird to say but I love my brushes and combs, I love my hair being BIG and striking, maybe it's something to do with me being just over 5ft tall? Perhaps because my tiny Mum is the same! xD

But yeah, I love my big bamboo brushes, you know the type with loads of thin soft bristles, I brush my hair backwards with them and it makes MEGA volume and I spray it and go....I realize I'm talking bollocks here, I'll get to the point.

I realize that to do this I should just get rid of my tools to rake out my man-made knots and just leave my hair be.

I won't throw them in the bin coz that'll be a waste haha, I'll probably give them to my friend who has a death hawk because he never has a brush and often comes mine to do his hair (more like to have his hair done).

Until I see him I'll place them in a bag so I'm not tempted to use them.

My hair is kind of at about 10cm, and I shaved it bald in October of last year so 7 months, about 1.4 cm a month during winter. So it's currently a bit short to knot up but it's making little sections, good is good!

I'll just have to wait! :)

Peace! Sian

updated by @green-head: 01/13/15 09:52:15PM
the Barrellady
5 years ago
1,302 posts

It is great of you to help your friends learn about their dreads and how to have them be and stay healthy. There is so much bad advice out there on the web, and from others. Some of the other sites just want to make money off ya by selling wax etc without a care in the world about health. Good for you!...Peace

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