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Rip and twist method

5 years ago
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Hello, I'm pretty fresh to this whole dread journey and I've read some things on hear but want an answer for myself. I'm using twist and rip method and its working fine up until i get to the ends of my hair the dread is getting thinner. Now is this normal or what should I do? I'd like each dread to be roughly the same size the whole length thru. And using this method I just dread the hair and leave it alone? No maintenance needed for frizziez? any help is appreciated!!

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5 years ago
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I used twist and rip method also, it's normal for the tips to be thinner than the lock. My hair was previously layered so it really thinned at the ends, but I just continued to twist them as far down as I could. Don't worry about them being perfect, you will go through a lot of changes in the next few months with your hair and especially as they mature into *real* dreadlocks. They will fall out, come loose, get frizzy, bumps, loops, and congos if you're lucky. ;) As they get more mature they should fatten up, too. All you need to do is separate and keep them clean.

Until then, just enjoy the ride and let your hair do what it wants. Which, by the way, may not be what *you* want, but that's part of the fun, right? lol

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5 years ago
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any method u just leave alone and dont do maintenance for frizzies..if yoiur smart that is

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5 years ago
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Just TnR and leave them.
The tips will be thin for a while but as already said, you will get loops and bumps everywhere soon enough.
As for frizzyness, you are just going to have to tough it out.

Im just over 5 months into my re-start with TnR and only over the past month has my hair started to 'unfrizz'.
Looking pretty good now. :)

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