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What Are The Positive And Negative Sides of Dread Perming??

9 years ago
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Hi, I'm new.. just joined.. I want dreads very badly.. I'm African american with short coarse hair... I was thinking about going to the salon and have them to start my dreads.. ((Because I Don't know how to do it myself))) friend told me that a dread perm would be easy and quick for me i would have them instantly... but some times the fast way is not always the best. what would that do to my hair?? I'm not sure which method I'm going to use But i know I'm not going to neglect it. lol
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9 years ago
2 posts
Oh okay.. cool, I'll check it out now.
9 years ago
141 posts
Yea I agree, I believe a dreadperm may actually be bad for your hair. Dreadperms are usually meant for hard to dread hair, asian and caucasian. Your hair is ideal naturally to dread. Since you don't want to neglect what about twisting and crocheting? Or sisterlocks?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
28,517 posts
dont let the word..neglect..scare ya..use the word natural insteadu dont neglect natural dreads..u care for them u nurture them but you dont force thema dread perm is the absolute last thing id ever anyone..unless they tried every othrer method for 4 or more years each and nothing at all ever workedmany who dread perm end up chopping off the permed parts once the new growth comes init permenantly alters the texture of your hair..ands your the perrmed drewad and natural growth look ..and worse yet..feel very differentits a harsh chemical also..that can in some cases do severe dammage1 thingg u gotta think about..the purpose of a dread to make your hair more like..well..more like your hair naturaly isso in essence youll be damaging your hair to get no results at akllok how u should the order id recomend1 natural..your hairs perfect..just let em dread..but..dont be scared u can control the into the section sizes u may dread fast (depends alot on what all abuses u did to prevent dreads all your life..straightening etc..)2 twist and neglect..twist em up into very tight lil tubes ..then let em go..only retwist whewn and if they fall apart completely..once theyree formed..dont twist agai n3..twist palm roll and aloe (or aloe mango locking gel if u must) again dont overtwist or over palm rioll4 twist n rip (usualy rate it higher but for african hair types its lower due to it being generaly unesacary)5 anything elswe u ever heard of256 salon999000765 dread perm

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

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9 years ago
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I don't like the dread perm method, but when done correctly it is a neat process. I really just like how it works scientifically, though really don't like the general quality of the resulting dreads. But if you are interested in learning about this method, visit They're a touring salon who specialize in dread perms, amongst other things. They're located in the US, I'm not sure if you're on this specific chunk of Earth, but regardless, if anyone is interested in learning, they offer classes and are sooooo freakin nice ont he phone if you just call up the salon and start asking questions.
9 years ago
105 posts
Sisterlocks huh?? haven't thought of that..
tha tron
9 years ago
145 posts
just separate and twist and let nature take it's course
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