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TnR vs natural neglect

the tattered laddie
6 years ago
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so, i am concerned about how my hair will dread with neglect. i won't mind the occasional small bump or loop but in general, i just want somewhat straight dreadlocks. i tried twist and rip on small portion of my hair today and it produced a fairly straight lock. can i twist and rip my hair then just leave it and it will all lock up? also i have included a picture of my hair as it is right now if it will provide any information.the best i can describe it with words is that it''s pretty round at the top, but when you go past the length of my eyes, it flares out all over the place. i don't know if it's just going to bunch together in huge clumps if i do the neglect method. i have noticed that straight hair usually ends up as straight dreads but my hair is anything but straight : (
i want to try to have them somewhat straight with as little intervention from me as possible. what do you think i should do to get the outcome i want?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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why do u want them straight? when they misbehave and refuse to do what you think you want thats when u discover that 1 is your fave..

the lumpy 1 the zig zaggy 1 the fal or flat 1

you fall in lobve with their uniqueness their personality

when you find yourself attracted to someone is it because they look just like everyone else? or cause somethung about them stands out..unique..

they have personality

its that way with dreads you fall in love with them becaue they are different

i think you should forget all about what you think you want and jut let nature take its course and accept and love what u discover alontg the way

mine have bumps lumps zig zaggs weird whatever that is's

but overall the impressions mostly straight

but it is the lil detau=ils that make each 1 special

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6 years ago
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imho neglect is way better then TnR. Not that I have experience with both (only neglect), but letting the hair section itself just seems more logical then doing just "whatever" yourself.Only with certain hair that just refuses to dread should you use TnR. Your still going to get loops with TnR, the hair still has to dread and the dreads are still going to combine with existing loose hair and form loops and bumps. You could technically palm roll them out from the very beginning but I think you would be making a big mistake.Generally, the more you do the worse they get. I used to seperate religiously because I wanted my dreaded hair to resemble normal hair as much as possible (getting dreads wasn't really a style choice, more because my hair was so insanely tangly that it was unbearable) and when I just let it do whatever and rip apart fat dreads that get to big my hair finally went from the stage of homeless bum to awesome cave man.
August West2
6 years ago
10 posts

You could always try putting a bead or 2 on the zig zaggy ones. Beads seem to straighten out my locks, i'm not sure you will have the same results as i do but it's worth a shot. I'm not really going for straight dreads but i like to put beads on the crazy ones and it straightens them up.

6 years ago
601 posts

i think most dreads go through loops & bumps & lumps but in the end they pull in mostly & just leave little turns in the full dread. mine are still straight (neglect) but i have straight hair & they haven't gotten to the looping & shrinking yet. you can wrap them & use beads to tame down the loops & help them pull in to keep them straight. but you may just end up liking a few loops more than you think!

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