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Twist and Rip and Backcombing

Masha Johanson
6 years ago
10 posts

Sorry- I'm such a noob, but is it possible to combine twist and rip and backcombing when starting dreads? I'm not sure which way to go, or which would form better dreads. opinions?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,332 posts

natural forms the best dreads ..healthiest too

twist abd rips not a bad option shouldn't do any damage if your not too aggressive

backcomb tears uop the cuticles so they no longer function

some do backcomb the roots to get the base knot started since twist and rip takes a bunch of tnr's to get the 1st knottiness started at the roots then it goes faster

so they use backcomb to get a lil knottiness at the roots then tnr the rest

just so u know

a fair number that do start with either method end up starting over wanting natural dreads so i would consider trying natural 1st

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Tara C
6 years ago
645 posts

Just be warned that if you backcomb, you'll (probably) end up with the dreads sticking up and being crazy for a while, in case that's something you don't want.

6 years ago
2 posts

Twist&Rip kind of works as the little push on a kids bike whos learning how to ride solo hahah, I did this method on my hair, simple but thats really how you should treat your hair: Gently, Id say go for it without the is damaging.

6 years ago
751 posts

that's what I did :) I did some light TnR and then I'd move up the knots with the comb(not furiously backcombing). And there was only minimal unraveling in the first few weeks. now I'm 2 years strong :D

Blessed Earth Mama
6 years ago
72 posts

This is my second time dreading. I had dreadlocks for 4 years the first time and I am a little over 2 weeks in this time. I did use a combo of backcombing and TNR both times.

I backcomb the roots a little then I twist and rip a little. Then I stick the comb in the TNR'd part and pull up towards the roots. Then I do backcombing and more TNR. Then I stick the comb in the TNR section and pull up again. Etc, etc.

I hope that made sense! I LOVE how my dreads came out the first time. And I am hoping for a similar outcome this time. The only difference is I used wax last time and will not be at all this time. I am hoping that will accelerate the dreading process as wax actually slows it down! Check out my pics if you want an example of combo made dreads! Everyones will be different do to different hair and other things but I think it worked great for me and hope it does again!! :)

6 years ago
203 posts

My advice would be to go natural, I wish I had.

ashley ✿
6 years ago
167 posts

i agree with emily. the first set i had were TNR and after a year of having them, i hated how they turned out. they looked like they were braided in areas. i still have a few dreads from that set that mostly fell out and were natural & one of them has a braided look at the end after nearly TWO YEARS of being dreaded. I had to comb out most of my hair and start over again, natural.

James Turk
6 years ago
107 posts

I'm on my4th set, the first 2 were backcombed, 3rd set was TNR. Now I'm going natural. I want them to create themselves and be where they want to be. I call it "letting mother nature style my hair". Good Luck!

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