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Changing methods lol

Heathen Hippie )O(
6 years ago
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Okay. So some of you know because I ask a LOT of questions lol I have been trying to grow my hair into dreadlocks for the past 7 months. I quit brushing and literally threw out my combs and brushes 7 months ago. I don't know what is going on with my hair, I think I have done something wrong... it's not really dreading except I have one dreadlock, and that's it. I am thinking I want to give my hair a little nudge and use a starter method. BUT I have some more questions. ;)

I think I want to do TnR. But at the ends of my hair I have a few tangles. I've had these tangles and they will not turn into knots. I have tried a few TnR's already but the tangles at the bottom of my hair just get tighter while it stays loose up to the roots. So. My question is.... do I comb out my hair and separate and TnR? Or do I just leave it as is and try to TnR that way? I don't want to undo anything and I don't want to screw it up either. lol. It's hard to twist it around when it won't let go at the bottom, know what I mean?

Thanks y'all. :) <3

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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if u got tangkles attheends they will dread

ill gigve u a lil tip i did when on long road tripos anf had loise hairs blowing in my eyes annotying me

i got a lil knot going in the end then i know i talk about how bad interlocking isand all but the way i did this ..extremely loosely shouldnt cause ajnt[y isues i took thast knot on the end and flipped it through the loise hairs maybe 3 times in 6 or so inches so it lokoed like avery very loose braid and in days it would ti[urn into a dead cause all u need is 1 single tangle or knot for em to build on

im not recomending u do what i did ive only done itto a coupe thayt were blowin in my etes annot[ying me and like i sauid very very loosely

byt when u gotthat tangle in teend u should leave it more will add oin

u can use that ..maybe finger tease alil below the tangle (below towards roots i mean)

u ciuld add a bead and it will dread fastertoo

or u can give it 1 more month..tangkles on the ends are a sign of progress ..more will add in soon

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Tied up in knots
6 years ago
205 posts

I don't want to tell you what to do but I do have some personal experience that might help. Before doing this I hadn't brushed my hair in 8 years. I'd play with it and run my fingers through but even first thing in the morning or after a shower my fingers never met with any resistance.

I started out planning on only having a few dreads here and there but leaving most of my head undreaded. That didn't work out so well. It was a huge pain to keep the twist and rips from eating and tangling my hair up.

So I added more and more but still left hair loose all over the place. Now I have a majority twist and rips and natural babies are popping up all the time. Completely over night I'll have two or three pop up. It's amazing. It's like the loose hair sees what is going on with the twist and rips and gets jealous so it decides to tangle.

If you just do a few small ones here and there you won't be undoing too much of your natural progress and if you decide you regret giving your hair a nudge you can always undo them again and you won't be too far behind the hair you just left alone.

I'd think on it a few more weeks though. What's a few more weeks really when you've already come so far? Since you already made the commitment to going natural you may really regret adding twist and rips to the mix. Maybe doing some wraps and adding some beads to your hair might be better to try first. Kind of like a pre-nudge before you really start forcing your hair.

Keep in mind too that some people just have slow progress. Just look at Heather! It took a long time for progress to show up but now her hair is gorgeous and getting more and more dreaded all the time! Sometimes it takes a long time for beautiful things to grow. Would be a shame to panic now when your hair could start exploding into gorgeous natural dreads at any time.

Jordan Koopa
6 years ago
19 posts
Throw a wool sweater over your pillow and sleep on it. I have really straight fine hair that i thought was going to take ages to lock up, but now I have a head full of dreads andits been about 2 months
6 years ago
601 posts

agreed with others just nudge your hair into knots & then if those tricks don't work after a while reconsider methods.

beads, wraps, sea salt spray, wool pillow case (even if they don't help they can't hurt!)

Heathen Hippie )O(
6 years ago
164 posts

Thanks for the idea Jordan but I can't seem to find a wool sweater anywhere lol believe me, I searched this town before because I wanted to unravel it for a tam. :P

I think I might take everyone's suggestions, even Jordan's. Why Jordan's, even though I can find no wool sweaters? Because I have a 100% wool tam that I recently made and I guess it can't hurt. [Although I have found a few strands of wool in my hair before lol]

I kinda figured today when i was thinking over this post that I really think I would like neglect dreads better. They will be unique and well worth the effort, and like Tied Up already said, what's a few more weeks when I've come 7 months already? Especially since yes, I do have some tangles at the bottom, that MUST mean something.

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I will stick with neglect and the couple of TnRs I have already started. <333

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