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wool pillow case

keaton murphy
7 years ago
12 posts

not sure if this is the wrong section, sorry if it is,ive been wearing awool tam a good amount and also soemtimes when i sleep but i dont like wearing it while i sleep so id prefer a pillow case isntead for at night. ive been considering making a wool pillow case, but i would much rather buy one, if anyone knows of a site that sells 100% wool pillow cases let me know, it would be greatly appretiated

updated by @keaton-murphy: 01/13/15 09:06:47PM
7 years ago
836 posts

just put your pillow inside a wool sweater that has the arms inside. If you don't have a wool sweater you can buy one at a salvation army for a couple of dollars. Save your riches for something else!

7 years ago
140 posts

Wool? With my hair I use a satin pillowcase and/or a sleeping bonnet.

7 years ago
5 posts

would that not be incredibly itchy?? :o/

7 years ago
24 posts

Just google it...Merino wool pillow cases..i bought one...its great and you don't get sweat...thats weird although its summer here...

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