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I need opinions please.

Shelby Dawson
7 years ago
23 posts
I have had my dreads for about two weeks and i really do love them. I used The Twist and Rip Method. But, i wanted to hear others opinions about the method they used and how it turned out.
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Andrea Schneider
7 years ago
52 posts
i've had mine for 1 month and used the tnr method. so far, they aren't any different. some of fallen out partly, but i just leave them be. they look terrible right now but i know it will pay off in the end!
Star Mercer
7 years ago
34 posts
Mine started out as backcomb. I ended up backcombing my entire head a total of three times cause every time I washed, they would come undone. After the third time, I decided to go natural. I was putting too much emphasis how how bad they looked that I wasn't enjoying them. My backcpmbing came alomost completely undone and now I'm about 9 weeks in and they are dreading nicely on their own. They are super messy and frizzy bit definitely making progress. I wish you the best of luck in your journey!!!
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,826 posts
i did nothing and i couldnt be hapier

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
Fay Brotherhood
7 years ago
59 posts

1 month, T n R, and natural

9 months. Love em.

Patience is your friend :) Don't fall into any maintenence traps. They will ultimately only slow your progress. Someone I knews dreads were no where near this point at 9 months because he fell from the start hook line and sinker for Johnny cleans lies.

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Shelby Dawson
7 years ago
23 posts
Your dreads are very very gorgeous and i love how natural they look. I hope mine look that good one day. But your right, every one says that you just have to be patient and in time they will get better.
7 years ago
69 posts
Ive been going 100% natural since day one, no TnR, no backcomb, etc. Just seperating and washing. Ive came to realize atleast for me, the less workI put into my dreads, the more Ive gotten out of it. I couldnt be happier with the method Im using, its a very rewarding process but demands patience. I think you are on the right path, just stay patient and let the dreads grow and form on their own :)
Matthew DiBiase
7 years ago
19 posts
I used twist and rip for some of my dreads before I took them all out and went neglect it's a cool method a little hard to get it mastered but yeah...I also did backcombing and that was good to but they did any really look like dreads until like the second month..and I also used wax !!! It was great!!!!! It got my dreads started and held them together super awesome ! Until about a month in....the wax was very sticky Nd my hair was falling apart and ew wax is gross GET OUT OF HERE WAX
Shelby Dawson
7 years ago
23 posts

I used TNR but now hearing all these stories of people doing neglect and how natural and great it turns out i think i should have done neglect. But im two weeks in so im going to see how my hair turns out this time.

7 years ago
43 posts
Dont feel bad about doing TnR, compared to natural its mostly just choosing how your hair sections. And you see the progression better, since using a starter method its like a lie XD. Good luck and much patience
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