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Sleeping on wool=magic

7 years ago
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Ok maybe it is not that magical but I started sleeping on a 100% wool sweater and it really does seem to do something for the hair. I had always heard to wear a wool tam but I don't have one and most of the time it is too hot for one in the south (in my opinion) but had never thought of sleeping on wool. This is a good compromise. Plus if you toss and turn like I do your hair is getting rubbed all over the wool more so than just wearing a tam for a few hours, at least *I think so.

Thanks to the folks who suggested this.

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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i find wearing a wool tam when its hot cools nme down just getting the hair up off my its insulating from the heat i had an uncle who worked in a steel mill they woor wool head to t=oe to protect them from the ungodly heat of smelting steel

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7 years ago
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That is very interesting SE. I guess it makes sense since it is a natural fiber and they breath better than a synthetic. Plus natural fibers are safer around fire or extreme heat, they don't melt onto your skin.
7 years ago
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i really wish i could do this but it gives me the worst face rash. i have sensitive skin. i have worn my tam to bed though but it doesn't seem to do much in the way of knotting. i want to try a wool beanie sometime and see if that helps.
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