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Sectioning hair differently before BC

8 years ago
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i will be dreading my hair here in the near future.... I have chosen the BC method/ no wax and just let them naturalize......( thanks to everyone that has helped me come to this conclusion) im going to section em out randomly but try and stay close to a brick pattern to avoid any huge gaps in my hair.... i was wondering if any one knew if instead of sectioning my hair in squares i would try sectioning a few of em out in a triangle shape and BC them like that how would they look? or a rectangle shape would that change the shape of the dread? and i want a few congos so....... how big is too big? THANXBLESSINGS
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,688 posts
triangles would blend better then squatessection shapes dont matter at all to dread shapesall mine are totaly iregular teardrops lines round crescent u name itu cant go wrong with shapes as long as they dont have hairs from 1 going into anotherbut even if u did eventualy seperating would sort em outcongoswellif u wanna congo id keep most average 1/2 an inch so the congos arent much over an inchonce u go past an inch they get harder to care for and dryi know u see massive congos but im betting those dont get wet except monthly or lessso id plan on congos not getting much over an inch..if u can help it that is

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Natty Dave
8 years ago
56 posts
before i backcombed i stopped combing for about a week or so and instead of sectioning i just went with the way it felt it wanted to go as much as possible, i think it turned out pretty well as i have a few bigger ones, smaller ones, i think it turned out nicely and was far less tedious and annoying than trying to section a certain size and keeping it all even and all that mess
8 years ago
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My sections are shaped irregularly like SoaringEagle's.Your dreadlocks will congo by themselves if you simply don't pull them away from each other.
8 years ago
212 posts
my sections now are quite different then the rectangles I had after micro braiding. No matter how you section your hair it will end up how it feels most comfortable. Davey seems to have a good idea, letting the hair section itself before backcombing.
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