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How to combine dreads?

Cargo Chick
10 years ago
28 posts
I'm almost at 5 weeks with my twist n rip dreads...I made them so so small though, now I'm wishing I had some bigger ones. I know they'll fatten up later, but these are smaller than a pencil. They are pretty tight already, I had a lot of damage and it seems to have accelerated the dreading.So how to I combine them into a larger dread? I haven't even had to separate any of these that I want to combine so I can't just stop separating them....should I bead them together?
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10 years ago
94 posts
you could put a bead on the ones you want to combine or you could take some hemp and wrap it at the bass and create a diamond pattern around the ones you want to fuse together
10 years ago
18 posts
u can join them together with a bead or a rubber band.......... a bead should be better... but still your gonna have to give em some time.... good luck...
10 years ago
849 posts
I just combined a few of mine, there almost at 6 months. I felt like a couple of the skinnier ones would be stronger if they were joined up, less chance of breakage down the line. You could probably just throw a bead on and see what happens or wrap with some hemp twine. Just remember that they will change a LOT and keep a close eye on the bead/hemp so it doesn't get swallowed up by the dread! Many Blessings :o)
10 years ago
849 posts
hmmm...that's interlocking and can cause weak spots later on down the road. Just try to be careful so you don't have unnecessary breakage later on. Beads works just as well and are much less harmful.
10 years ago
844 posts
hey man, the prior ideas work well just give em time, or wait till your roots have finished locking and you have to separate them occasionally, I have a few that con joined by themselves be4 i noticed, I added a peyote stitch to one pair and they have joined really well over the last year and have a cool Y shaped tip.
Lukey Luke
10 years ago
26 posts
a fun way to combine them is to french braid the ones you want to combine then throw a rubberband or some hemp at the tips. they hold together and look sweet till they're fully combined!
10 years ago
3 posts
a fun way to combine them is to french braid the ones you want to combine then throw a rubberband or some hemp at the tips. they hold together and look sweet till they're fully combined!^^^^^^^^Thats how i did mine, minues the rubber band. I just braided the ones i wanted to combine and three months later they were one dread
10 years ago
141 posts
In my experience, from what I have noticed is that often T&R dreads will shrink and fatten as they knot. So maybe yours wont be as thin as you think.You could crochet them together, but a bead on them, sew them with their own loose hairs, wrap them, or just let them eat each other over time. I combined some that were really mature using a crochet hook and sewing needle along with some hemp thread.
hippie mama
10 years ago
154 posts
well if u cant stop seperating the ones you want to connect i would do the hemp thing that worked really well for me. i did all my dreads in hemp back when they were babies. beads also help but beads only cover a small area so it depends on what kind of effect your going for. good luck. oh with rubberbands though i put a few in mine when i started like 4 yrs ago and last year i found a rubberband stuck inside of one of my dreads and i had to try to dig it out cuz it was getting eaten by my dread so if u use rubberbands just keep track of em. lol i mean it didnt hurt anything and im sure i could have just left it but i persoanlly didnt like the look of it so i pulled it out.
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