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short african hair

8 years ago
2 posts
i am just about to start my dreads and right now i have like a little mini 'fro (longer than my picture) probably only about an inch or so long. but i was wondering what would be the perfect length and method to start my dreads w/o looking alll the way old fashion. I dont want to use any wax's or gels or the fake stuff sold online, but i do jus want my dreads to be rather neat and rounded with blunted tips ( please dont try to convince me otherwise, that's just the way i would like them to look) without using harsh chemicals and things that will harm my hair. If i have to jus take a few hours everyday and play in my hair ill do it if i must....
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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african hair will blunt naturaly so u can go 100% natural and not mess with it at all and it will dread beautifullyu can help define the sections by twisting not keep twisting as maintenace or u will weaken the roots

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8 years ago
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kool! thanks. i still think imma wait a month or so until it gets a little longer and then imma prolly start dreading it up. but i will post pics and whatnot. thanks again.
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