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30 Days TODAY! Natural/Neglect Dreads

8 years ago
125 posts
I updated my timeline too, but here I am at ONE MONTH!! Im so happy and proud! :) This journey, thus far, has been incredible! Im so thankful for this site. Thanks SE :)

updated by @nicole: 02/05/15 10:12:49AM
8 years ago
751 posts
Wow you are going really quick!! I'm surprised at how fast some people here are getting their natural locks. I always thought it was at least 4ish months till you see progress!Your hair looks great!! :D
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,421 posts
id say maybe 75% of natural dreads dread just as fast as backcombed or any method i see way more that dread real fast then i do that take a long timethey look amazing on ya

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long
neil coe
8 years ago
361 posts
very nice...... coming along ............. and keep up updated
8 years ago
844 posts
you have some awesome hair for locking to :)
8 years ago
66 posts
Wow, developing fast, i'll be following!
8 years ago
165 posts
They're looking awesome :DAnd I know my hair wouldn't even be close to looking this nice if I had gone all natural for a month.
Kelly Anne
8 years ago
1 posts
Hi Nicole, your dreads are coming along wickedly :) I just joined this site and am thinking about starting my own natural dreads. Do you have a blog I could follow? I want to know how you started and what you have had to do to keep them going so far. Kel
8 years ago
141 posts
OOOOOO they are looking really great fast!!
Bryce Forrest
8 years ago
32 posts
i love it! looks great. :) im at 4 months and youre already close behind me. i imagine its because your hair is longer. but just STICK WITH IT!!!
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