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Needing tips on getting started / Is this right for me?

8 years ago
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Hello mates, I need a few tips on the best method to start myself on the path to maybe having dreadlocks. I've been looking at various hair styles over the past while and I came across a picture of a mate with dreadlocks that I think would look well on me. I've done lots of research on the style and from this site I've learned not to use wax but aloe vera if I must(lucky me I've a plant out back).Right now I'm just looking for the best method to use on my hair as well as the size I should section off on my hair for the look I've found(pretty thin locks). My hair is pretty dried out, I've got thick black hair and its very long (about to the waist when I stretch out the curls) though I'll be cutting it shorter to about shoulder length most likely.This is the style of locks I'd like to achieve: advice or tips are most welcomed, thanks in advance.
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8 years ago
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are u african american?ok welol no matter what u gave a few options gioing natural you can just seperate into the section sizxzes u want or i can get twists (or if not black twwist and rip)\into thin dreadsi would not cut because long hair shrinks up alot waste length hair can shrivel up to shoulders easylobng hair dreads so fast and easyu could neglect it a week or 2 and be well on youir waythus is the gentlest wayif u do twists do not keep twisting as maintenanvce otr they get weakenedjust twist em up into sections then leave em to dreadid make the sections at the roots at least pencil thickness or thickertrust me 200 thin dreads when long can overwhelm u

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