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Started out with 50 TnR dreads...most of them have fallen out

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So I started with about 50 dreads using TnR about 6 weeks ago. Now, almost all of them have fallen out and began to form new dreads. I probably have close to 80 smaller ones now. I need encouragement to just let them continue to do their thing. I've decided on going maintenance free and I know I'm barely 2 months in, but I just want to hear people tell me that they will dread in time. It still looks like I have dreads, especially if I flip my hair out. Honestly, I do love my hair right now, but it is a nuclear dumpster fire and I just wanna hear some words of encouragement from veteran dreadheads!

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You can just TnR them again if you really want to. A few of mine I had to do multiple times.

Other than that just know that your hair will dread in time and the smaller ones will join together to make bigger ones.

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last year
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@brosefstalin -I’m at 5 1/2 ish months with free form dreads (no t&r experience) your hair will find its way. I have many many sections some tiny, some what I would consider a normal size, lots of loose hair still! Some of my bigger sections have started to more noticeably knot up and I’m getting the beginnings of lumps and bumps (so exciting!) and quite a lot of my tiny tiny sections have spiralled around each other and have started to knot up a little too 😊 that’s my dreading experience, like I said I have no experience with t&r, but I can tell you that your hair will surprise you, you just have to give it time. Try to embrace the mess, it’s a huge part of the journey and is very necessary in the process, it will all be worth it. Just keep on top of separating and keep them nice and clean, they’ll do the rest all on their own.
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