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Towel rubbing/freeform dreadlocks advice

9 months ago
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I’ve just started towel rubbing my hair and spraying with salt water, and after only 24 hours my hair is already beginning to knot up. Just to help it along, once I see it properly locing I will stop.

I am doing it 3 items a day with the towel, and spraying with salt water sparingly because I don’t want to damage my hair, and regularly throughout the day rubbing in an anti-clockwise direction with my hand. However, I’m worried that doing it too much could prevent it from locing as quickly.

My hair is curly (3B) with some waves also (2C), and extremely thick to the point where I look like I have an afro if I don’t get it thinned out often (and ginger, with some light brown, flecks of blond and even some gray) so my hair is literally all over the place. Haha.

Also, will washing it (with water only as I shower everyday and love my hair being wet) every day prevent it from locing?

also my hair grows incredibly quickly, so quickly that if I go and have a hair cut and thinned out, I have to have it cut again in 2-3 weeks because it has grown back to the same, if not more, length and thickness as before having it cut. And everyone else I’ve ever met in my 23 short years, all say they have never met anyone that grows hair so quickly and envy me for it, some even find it weird and crazy and other stuff...apparently hair should grow half and inch a month but mine grows way more than that.

Given that fact, from personal experience with your dreadlocks, how long do you think it’ll take for locs to form properly and dreadlocks to form?

Thanks. Peace.

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9 months ago
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It seems to be a pretty common opinion that it takes a year to get proper full dreads.

I have no idea about the towel rubbing but I wash my hair with water every couple of days and it is fine.

Get some pics up though. Makes ir easier to understand what's what if we can see.

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9 months ago
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Mine are ten months old and I'm not fully dreaded. I'd say about 75% of my hair is fully locked up.
9 months ago
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my 2cents about your question is to stop that towel rubbing, because it won't help you at all. It might seem to help knotting in the beginning, but

you can also undo a lot of progression at the same time.

Just wash and separate, that's all you need to do. You can stick to the seasalt spray, it helps knotting, too.

Also stop cutting and thinning out your hair, you can't keep up with that while you are dreading your hair. Thinning out will destroy the locking

process as well as cutting, because some locks start to form at the tips, some at the roots.

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9 months ago
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what he said but if you have African hair its normally typically dry, sea salt will only increase that

towel rubbing creates a general knotty mess that needs to be ripped apart into dreads.

but when you rub 1 day it creates knots the next undoes them, you can erase 3 months progress in 30 seconds! if you got knots..good your on your way

now simply stop, let them be, let them dread, wash weekly or more with a dread shampoo and thats it

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2 months ago
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It seems to be a pretty common opinion that it takes a year to get proper full dreads.

I shaved my head bald in 2010, took about 3 years to even get a knot, and I still only have 9 mature/ish locs and a few Seeds. They just start randomly. Each one has it's own life! Patience & Residue Free are the only things needed for AMAZING dreadlocks, but Patience is easier said than done ;P
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