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Question about drying

3 months ago
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I usually air dry mine. I do squeeze them to get all that water soaked up. Sometimes when I'm going out I do use a towel to squeeze them. What's this micro towel I hear about though? Is it like the one's you see at walmart or something, or a specific one? 

Microfibre towels are normally for travelling or hiking with a backpack. They are super small when packed and dry super fast when wet. I bought mine in an outdoor shop for hiking and rockclimbing. Maybe you can get them at walmart, i don't know... The pros for using a micro fibre towell is that you don't get lint into your dreads while drying them. It works really good!

3 months ago
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You can also find the microfiber towels in the auto section at Target or Walmart and of course at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They're really useful.

updated by @p3rmaamp: 01/21/18 04:07:58PM
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