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Do not use Goo Gone for wax removel

7 years ago
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Well, I used it staraight as I read in a blog here. Ater washing it out and stuff myhair just didn't feel right and felt nasty with residue. I boiled themand that just made things so much worse so I got fed up of every attept and cut them off. I have since stoppedeverything besides cleaning/washing my hair and going all natural this time!

Lazdaa said:

How did you use the Dissolve to remove the wax, in the bc wash? or what?

SurrealLove said:

After two washings with De Solv It followed by a baking soda soak and apple cider vinegar rinse, my hair feels MUCH better. And the coolest thing is, it's starting to get it's personality back! Every one of my dreads is super kinked and loopy, whereas before they were all straight. I'm starting to like it. ^_^ When they grow out a few more inches I may run that stuff through them again to see if there's still more wax in them, but for now, I'm just happy they're better off than they were.

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