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Twist and Rip looks like braids?

Kyle Van Zandbergen
8 years ago
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So I originally did my dreads about eight months ago using the back combing method with wax. I recently noticed the wax oozing out when I was washing my dreads. After posting on here, I bought a container of wax b-gone which has worked wonders on getting the wax out. Unfortunately I came to realize that the wax was what was holding my dreads together and they were not very formed at all. So I have been taking them out one by one and putting them back in using the twist and rip method. I feel like it is working well and they feel much nicer without the wax, but some of them look like odd braids and some of them are very plump at the base and get very skinny at the tips. How much will these issues sort themselves out? I've attached a picture to show what the new ones and old ones look like. In the back ones, you can still see some of the wax (the dark spots in the blonde).

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8 years ago
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they will all look like dreads in the end :) they will get all sorts of varying sizes & some tips may stay wispy & thin & others may blunt & fatten. it's all good! the more you vary the tnr the less it looks like braids, but even actual braids will loosen & knot & look like dreads given time. you don't even have to tnr the rest, seems like they are sectioned just fine. the main thing is be sure to get all that wax out! happy dreading <3

Lauryn Dowding
8 years ago
48 posts

I would do a second helping of the wax be gone to make sure every bit of wax is out, otherwise there isn't going to be much progression going on. The braiding look is normal, thats just by the way they were made mine look the same. As they mature they will eventually change and look like normal dreads do. Good luck with your dread journey.

Peace and love to you.

8 years ago
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