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Dr Bronner Hemp Protest (another reason I like this soap)

8 years ago
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Sorry if this was already posted but wanted to share this for those who might've missed it,

Pretty Bold and Interesting of him to do

(From the Video info)

"WASHINGTON, DC -- David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, America's top-selling natural brand of soap and an importer of more than 20 tons of hemp oil per year from Canadian farmers is staging an action at the White House today to protest Federal policy that prevents U.S. farmers from growing industrial hemp. Mr. Bronner has explained that he is waging a "beer bet" with President Obama that the 12 industrial hemp plants growing in soil he is harvesting today inside a large secure steel cage on H St. at 16th St. NW Washington, DC are not marijuana and have no drug value. Grown from Canadian industrial hemp seed, the plants per Canadian regulations contain less than 0.3% THC and have no potential use as a medicinal or recreational drug.

The hemp oil pressed from hemp seed contains high amounts of the omega-3 Essential Fatty Acid, which the American diet is chronically deficient in and doctors traditionally recommend certain types of fish to obtain. In Dr. Bronner's soaps, the hemp oil imparts smooth lather and less drying after-feel. Fifth generation soap-maker David Bronner, equipped with a hand-powered oil press, is harvesting the hemp seed from the plants and pressing fresh hemp oil, which he will serve on hemp bread to the public and media, in full view of the White House. Mr. Bronner is enclosed with the plants and equipment in a locked, steel bar cage, to prevent interruption by police until the entire harvesting and pressing process is complete.

"The industrial hemp plants I am harvesting and processing into oil cannot produce a high of any kind, but according to the Obama Administration I'm in possession of approximately 10 pounds of marijuana," says David Bronner, President and CEO of the California based Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps. Mr. Bronner says, "President Obama's US Attorney who handles drug cases in Washington, DC will not be able to prove my hemp has any more drug value than a poppy seed bagel. The Obama position on hemp is not science-based or good for the US economy. We've lobbied and campaigned for over a decade and feel abandoned by our President who as an Illinois state legislator voted twice for hemp cultivation."

Bronner adds, "I expected more from President Obama. The President can simply direct the Department of Justice to respect industrial hemp grown pursuant to existing state hemp programs, such as North Dakota's. Everyone is sick and tired of America's bankrupt policy on hemp that forces our company to send well over a hundred thousand dollars every year to Canadian farmers. I had hoped that President Obama would not succumb to drug warriors' hysteria regarding hemp. I really don't know what else to do to get our 'Chief Law Enforcement Officer' to take a rational science-based approach to hemp policy in this country."

Mr. Bronner's protest is a direct action in response to a recent White House statement falsely conflating non-drug industrial hemp with marijuana. This intentional conflation by White House officials is used to justify a policy that prevents American farmers from growing industrial hemp, even under existing state licensing programs. Information on the new regressive White House hemp policy can be found here: "

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8 years ago
844 posts

Sorry if this was too Irrelevant for the main page, I can repost in a blog or so, just figured since alot of people here use the stuff it could be interesting :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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theres a hemp cannabis activists group where it belongs please close and reopen there include a kink to the new location

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11 months ago
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Holy necro, Batman.
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