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Really need help now BS not good :(

Justin Cross
8 years ago
6 posts

Hi Harriet, I also live in the UK and have found that do a nice rosemary shampoo maybe worth a try ? :)

updated by @justin-cross: 07/09/15 10:45:44PM
Arielle Vogel
8 years ago
24 posts
Hi if your looking for a good cheap shampoo that works good for locks and won't leave a residu try neutrogena antiresidu shampoo. Iv been using this since the beginning and it works great I also use aloe to help with moisturization. Iv added a few essential oils to my shampoo. If you can get your hands on some teatree oil that should clear up any dandruff you might have. You only need to add 2 or 3 drops to your shampoo. I hope that helps.
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