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Dreadlock shampoo... activated bamboo charcoal

2 years ago
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I purchased the liquid form of the activated charcoal shampoo (it’s not actually on the site either- they have both liquid and bar- order any scent of liquid or bar and then in the comments box ask for the activated charcoal). I was was having residue build up from dr bronners, hard water, combined with very low water pressure, it was quickly becoming a big issue. One wash with Vicki’s shampoo and all the visible residue was gone, that and 90% of any lint I could see before. I’ve used it twice, the second time I super lathered my head and scrubbed obsessively (lol) and my hairs are so free of residue and lint, light and all little loose hairs are getting snug with their neighbors! This shampoo is great! I think I’ll use the bar I got from now on and save my liquid for after swimming or other especially potentially gross leftovers lol.

So well worth it, and they last so long it’s less expensive than keeping typical shampoo on hand and even the bronners. Try it! You’ll love it 😍 

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