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Anyone used hena?

one month ago
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I'm interested in using hena to permanently dye my grey hairs. They're mostly around my temple area. I've got a fair few of them. Will hena damage dreadlocks or have any negative effect?

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one month ago
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Isn't henna now banned for being poisonous?

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one month ago
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I think dreadlocks look nice when they start turning gray.

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4 weeks ago
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i just let em go grey. but henna is about the healthiest way

hena can have impurities that cause a reaction when used as henna temp tatoo type things.  yu do gotta be careful where you get it

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2 weeks ago
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Henna is totally fine if you get pure, organic henna. I dyed my hair black using henna first, then indigo, last year and it was jut perfect :) Maybe ask at a local natural shop or just look around online, there seem to be plenty of different brands around. Find a brand who are passionate about the purity of their stuff.

I'm going to dye my own hair again soon! :)

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