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VINEGAR: What it does to your hair

Peace Shalom
last year
44 posts

I was listening to a conversation with two women (mother and daughter) where the mother suggested to the daughter to wash her hair using vinegar in order to get hair spray out. She also said to use baking soda too. Not sure if she meant use them at the same time to get the chemical reaction of fuzzing or what. But the daughter was like oh yeah thats a good idea....

But anyway I spoke up and said, ummm I don't think you should use vinegar on your hair - doesn't that damage it? Pretty sure the vinegar would start to dissolve your hair because it is acid.

They were both ooooh is so good for your hair it really strips out the products and cleans them without doing damage and is actually healthy!

I didn't argue with them, just dropped it, but when I got home I tried to look it up a bit and all I can seem to find on youtube a re a bunch of videos touting how great vinegar is for your hair and makes your hair grow back and stuff. But this just doesn't seem right. Of course no scientific evidence just a bunch of click-bait videos of wannabe hair specialists.

I was thinking of doing my own experiment and put some hair in a jar with some vinegar and see how long it takes to dissolve.

Does anyone have any scientific evidence that supports my position? I think for every second vinegar is on your hair it is weakening it. I just can't seem to find scientific proof or evidence. Ideally proof with microscope....or peer reviewed study.

What do you think? What experiences have you all had?

Bazooka Guru
last year
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Well I know you can soak bones in vinegar and turn them into rubbery bendy things that dogs can chew. 😬 Yikes. I always heard it was great for stripping product, too. But after seeing what it does to bones, I'd be more comfortable with a clarifying shampoo that's meant to strip hair. Hair is soft afterward because the outer layer has been dissolved away. Or rather, that's my understanding.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
last year
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I swore by the baking soda vinager thing.. till I lost 6-10 inch sections off my dreads evey day! I would pinch a lil lint to pick it off and the hair just fell apart with it

es your right my worse mistake was ever recommending it

baking soda eats the skin off your scalp

vinager leaves the hair soft.. because its partially dissolved

a bone left in vinegar overnight can be tied in a knot

please post your experiment results

I know mountain dew will completely dissolve a mouse between bottling and reaching the shelf

they actually used that as a legal defense against a guy who claimed he found 1

so ..ou could be drinking mice and not know it..

let alone what its doing to teeth and insides

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
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