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Black Castor Oil Shampoo Once or Twice a week light wash.. ?

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Hey everyone ! I'm new and not new to site. Been knowing/searching since 2010... I think . I really think highly of this website.. 

Anyways.. I got this Black castor oil shampoo from a family member since they are getting more and more into organic products and such, so they gave me this and another body wash from same brand . . I believe they sale this product at target.. I know I know the word '' oil'' shouldn't be used lightly when it comes to using products for washing hair/ dreadlocks.. I'm wondering if you's have any opinion in using this shampoo spaciously like twice a week.. I'm really balling on a budget for now and cant go ahead and get residue free bar soap which I prefer to use bar soap in my hair instead of shampoos.. I want to try Kirks castile soap also its like 3 and change for a 3-4 pack .. That all being written can you's give me advice on the topic product and you thoughts or kirks castile soap .. My hair is really curly sorta kinky ethnic hair ( Hispanic ) I will post maybe a pic or two this upcoming weekend to show progress and your thoughts on my hair type and maybe a estimate timeline .. I have a feeling my dreadlocks might be a speedier type of progress since I have curly, kinky type hair about 6-7 inches .. I haven't combed in over a week and shampooed like once with this and used Yardley lavender soap two three times to wash and rinse. 

Well thanks to everyone that gives a response and glade to have stepped up and post my first topic on .. I'll keep a eye for first response .. Thank you's again . 

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heres he thing with castor oil.. its used internaly to cause puking and pooping  and when it gets into streams it causes the fish to puke and poop themselves to death..even a small amount. straight castor oil typically has a warning do not flush or pour down drains

it is supposedly good for helping hair growth but biotins bettr castor oil I also thinks a thicker oil? 

since most shower water goes into water treatment plants  your probably not going to wipe out endangered species or anything  and your only a week or so in so ...losing a lil progress if it does cause thats not like months invested.  some oil might be helpful if your hairs very dry by nature..and it hopefully is fully saponified castor oil (broken down into soaps using caustic aposed to superfatted whch they don't use enough lye to break all the oils down so in hard water they leave a sticky oily mess)

I can't vouch for how safe it is I can recommend using it for a minimall length of time till you can get a decent dread shampoo

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