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Salt Spray

3 weeks ago
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Does anyone have any experience with the Dreadlockssite salt spray?

How often should it be used, how should it be used, when to use it etc.

I bought some along with Goddess and Tea Tree shampoo. I'm worried about the top and front of my head not dreading as fast as the back.

Also, if anyones has any advice on how often to separate, that'd be cool too.

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3 weeks ago
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1st its dreadlockshampoo not dreadlockssite. though vicki is a friend  the shampoos are not sold by this site. 

dreadlockshampoo sea salt spray is unique compared to other sea salts in that it contains  vitamins and proteins that are healthy for hair and therefore it is most likely safer for  everyday use

having said that. sea salt in general should be rinsed out after no more then a couple hours.. dls sea salts safer to leave in..but.. it isn't nesacary to.  weekly is plenty often enough

now the dreading thing.. back will dread fastest not cause  the sat dries it and causes more dreading but  cause of how you sleep  which compresses them.  the front and top will catch up, no need to be concerned about that

as for separating the only answer its needed, for some  that might be monthly, others 5 times a day

the faster it dreads the mor you need to separate.. and therefore  if you use sea salt you will need to separate more

the lockin up liquid shampoos contain sea salt so its not often you should eed any extra

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2 weeks ago
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Hi guys its good to be here I've been looking forward to get a dread forum where i can share my dread journey progress and likewise share and get ideas with others.
I just started my dreadjourney

I'll be dropping series of videos in my channel. subscribe ,like and share guys, i'll do same.


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