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Starting shampoo?

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the guy that got me sicks an ocd gemaphobe

i am the opposite i believe by  constant sanitation yo weaken your immune system and then a snail gets the sniffles and wipes out the human race cause  we aren't kill 99% of all germs we should come in contact with and build an immunity to

this was the 1s time  i showed reluctance to have close contact and said i didn't want to get sick.. he insisted it was ok and teased me cause i tease him ove his insistence that he cant breathe and will get sick from being in a room someone breathed in before him (always has the indows wide openh even all winter)

anyway i risked it and only a few hours later was really sick (not nearly as bad as him)

i think hey are doing the glider assembly tomorrow now and im in no shape...

van sant is the 22nd

and hope to get a ridge flight in next week

but think about it . being so afraid of something so tiny.. that you wont expose yourself to any just makes that 1 that slips in so much more powerful

you gave up all your defenses by not letting your body battle them constantly like it should 

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My dreads are over 9 feet long

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Oh no, don't get me wrong -- I completely agree with coming into contact with many different germs does boost your immune system, but only through certain ages like infant (not newborn) to maybe early 20s? The "precious snowflake" mentality that a lot of parents have today is going to lead a generation (or a big portion of it) with weak immune systems. I've read a lot of scientific studies that support our views of being in contact with many different germs and kind of just "let kids be kids," like my generation and before. Although the next generation younger than myself aren't quite as bad as the current "my child is a precious snowflake and must be rewarded all the time even if they technically didn't win anything." But aside from all this I've developed OCD Germophobe tendencies during the worst years dealing with my anxiety until my meds mostly got straightened out.

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