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Information Regarding Apple Cider Vinegar

Raven's Light
8 months ago
330 posts

I'm entirely sure if this link is correct, as there is plenty of contradictory information out there, but according to this link, ACV does weaken hair: ...I don't know if it's over a long period of time it does this or what, but I hope not cause it may be my only option for getting some oil out of my hair....

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 months ago
27,922 posts

i gave you another option

but as discussed the other day acv is an acid acids break things down and dissolve them some fast (even strong acids take a long time o say..dissolve a body but apparently mountain dew will dissolve  a mouse between bottling and shipping...mmm mouse juice )  weak acids take longer to disolfe things so yea the more its used the weaker it gets

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