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1 week in, question about scalp

2 years ago
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I've had these locs for 7 days, and I was wondering when these spaces would become less visible. Or if there is some type of problem with the sectioning.
2 years ago
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The sectioning looks great. It's a really good brick lay pattern. They will become less visible as your hair grows in about an inch. Also they will become less tight in about a month. Have you washed your hair yet? 

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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that's entirely typical of salon dreads

1 of 2 things can happen

1: you go back to the salon over and over and that gets worse and worse the tightening by force causes traction alopecia and balding

2; you leave them alone except to wash and weeks they get looser and less scalp showing..

eventually new growth covers the scalp and they dread on their own

do not retwist!

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