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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
2 years ago
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yes especially with long term use

switching to the shampoo he mentioned made them stronger right away so maybe the bs  every 3-6 months and the shampoo every other wash  will never show harm  monthly maybe a number of years ..exclusively only a couple to few (2-4ish by 4 being severe)

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Raven's Light
2 years ago
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I know for me I used the bs wash every 1-2 months for maybe 2 years, having only stopped using it as of 5/22/16. There was a small period of maybe a month MAYBE 2 (actually I'm a tad unsure of how long it was, but it wasn't like 6 months)  that I did use it as my primary wash, but I learned my lesson quickly...I just hope I didn't do any permanent harm 

last year
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Hi, I recommend, as an A.A. with african hair it is the best and cleans without harshness but your hair feels so good, no need for conditioners, our hair makes its own oils and by keeping our scalp clean it gives way for our sebaceous glands to produce the our natural oil rather than clog them up.

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