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Lockin up liquid safe for mature dreads?

4 years ago
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Hello. I was just wondering if the Lockin Up shampoo is safe for well somewhat mature dreads? I've had my dreads for going on 1 year and 10 months now but they have only dreaded up halfway from my head to about halfway down the hairs. My hair is like normal on the ends :( i thin its due to tying it back at work. But I know the liquid is good for locking up and starter dreads. So is it safe to use on my half dreaded head? haha

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4 years ago
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a question however how long is your hair

its mormal to have an inch or so undreaded at the ends

my dreads are 24 years old i use the bars most of the tikme but if im getting too many loose hairs between dreads i use the liquid once and bamn a dozen new dreads form that weeek

when i use the liquid on my mature dreads though they all trry to combin\e and i have to seperate every dread

when using the bars i almost never seperatarte andwhen i do its 1 or 2 not all of them

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4 years ago
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Yup should be fine. My dreads are at two years and I mostly use the bars, but I do use the liquid every now and then for all my loose baby hairs. :)

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