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Lock magic locking gel?

5 years ago
4 posts

Found this, and it looks and sounds really nice and useful! I'm not sure if I will ever use it, but if I'll ever get into a stage that I'm getting really irritated by some loose hairs (unlikely), I would give it a try!

Any thoughts...?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,334 posts

its the only gel id ever put in mine

its magical you can cake your hands with it and 5 min later they are clean not sticky lik it just vanished you dont have to rinse it off your hands , but can still smell it

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Baba Fats
5 years ago
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I've used it a number of times. It's great stuff. Like Eagle said, it doesn't leave any residue on your hands. It's completely water soluble. So when you wash your hair, it just disappears. If you use a lot and blow dry your hair, it does get a little stiff. But it softens up in no time. You won't even notice it's in your hair

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