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Anyone tried Dread Fusion shampoo?

5 years ago
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Hey guys,

I was searching around for dread shampoo's and came across this one on ebay in the UK,anyone know if its any good? I'm using a knotty boy one at the minute. Its kinda dry on my skin, was thinking of changing. Cheers

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Caleb William Hart
5 years ago
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I would advise you to steer clear of knotty boy, it's rather frowned upon by most! Do some reading on this site and you'll find out a lot about scam websites like knotty boy and similar sites, pushing lies to sell their product, and take advantage of the uneducated new dreadheads (like myself, I was not too far from buying one of their useless wasteful dread locking kits before I found this wonderful website!)

Try this website out, I purchased both the Himalayan Sea Salt Spray, as well as a bar of dragons blood scented dread shampoo, and it promptly arrived at my home within 3 days, and the product is fantastic!

5 years ago
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Yeah I am aware that knotty boy isn't the greatest lol. I have been on the website you suggested but because Ilive in the UK it works out rather expensive for me to buy that shampoo and get it shipped. Even though I would love to buy some, it is just a little too pricey. Maybe I should bite the bullet and get it anyways. Thanks for advice:)

Victor Dofs
4 years ago
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I dont recomend dread head now smells like wet dog from it :(

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