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Brittle Hair & Breakage - BS/ACV wash

5 years ago
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I switched to BS/ACV wash about a month ago and love it because my scalp's actually clean. (used to use bucks county soap before but had too much dandruff and bs/acv really clears my scalp of all dandruff and psoriasis patches if they're there). But now my hair is reallly dry & brittle. one of my baby dreads appears to have disappeared & now is just a little tuft of short hairs. the rest are fine but they're so brittleI'm now afraid of separating.

I use 1/2 cup BS to 5 cups of warm water & I just use a splash of ACV (I don't measure it) w/ 5 drops tea tree, 10 drops rosemary, 10 drops peppermint to 5 cups of cold water. I only leave the acv/oil mix in for about 30 seconds before I wash it out- I'm only 5 months into neglect method so I don't want my baby dreads to come undone.

I figure I could either use less baking soda, use more acv, or wait longer with the acv. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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if your havig trouble with it switch back to vickies if u need to do the bs acv monthly to remova and crusties

if u use the teatre or pathuli tho it should take care of the dandruff

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Hi Arrows....You can absolutely switch back and forth with what you wash with. Baking Soda can definitely dry out you hair without the ACV to balance it, which you have done, but it sounds like you just need to leave it in longer. During my first year, I only used the BS/ACV wash, but did not follow up with ACV each time, and guess what, I dried out my hair, took months to repair it but now it is soft again. 30 seconds for you was not enough, and with your length of hair, add more ACV 2-3 capfuls. (once your hair is soft again, cut back to 2 capfuls and 1 minute)
So how did I make my dried out hair soft again? Well, for sure with the ACV. But I also used my own spray that I put on 3 times a day, then twice, then once a day. I bought a small spray bottle, filled with water and added essential oils to it. Sprayed it directly onto my hair, (the scalp did not need it, only for the first couple of weeks). This worked for me. That way the oils stayed on my hair instead of being washed out.
Use your dread shampoo, Variate with the BS/ACV, and maybe spray you hair for a few weeks. And of course, always finish off your washing with a cold head rinse. Don't worry, your dreads will get soft again, ACV is a great conditioner.....Good luck...peace

5 years ago
75 posts

Ok, I would to switch back to bucks but I just get dandruff like no one's business (even before dreading). It only started to go away when I stuck with the BS/ACV wash for awhile. I might try switching back to using bucks & bs but for now I'll stick with more acv and leave I'll leave it in a little longer.

@Justin Thanks, I was worried I didn't have enough progress for being 5 months into neglect.

@Barrellady Ok, I'll definitely try more. One more question- I bought a gallon of ACV and it doesn't has one of those flat caps that just pops off, meaning it's not deep enough to use for measurement. Would 1 capful = a Tbs? Thanks for the help.

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