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Undreaded section at front of head, what to do with it?

5 years ago
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Well over 7 months into dreading new, nearly all my head is progressing fine.

However, at the very front and center of my head I have a fairly large (just over an inch by an inch) section of hair which will not dread. Seems to be determined to remain some sort of fringe.

What should I do about this?

Only options I can think of are either to split it andincorporatethem intoneighboringdreads (which might look a little spread out) or TnR the patch to attempt a singlecentraldread.
I'd rather not just leave it as it looks ridiculous and is constantly getting in my face.

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5 years ago
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if its agravating then you could tnr it and let it go. being uncomfortables no fun.

the Barrellady
5 years ago
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That is a typical problem. It is cause by the natural oils we build up throughout the face and hairline. I still have undreaded sections around my forehead hairline and right above my ears. I know it is from my naturally oily skin type. Try to pay attention to that area more and wash it a few times a day to remove the body oils, this might speed up the dreading process there for you. . Doing T&R there might not do anything, all my sections were done that way and the oils just condition the hair there and the knots slip out. Peace

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