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Natural method and washing hair

camden eidson
4 years ago
4 posts

So I've seen posts where it is okay to wash hair when needed. I use dreadlock shampoo bar from and I probably wash 3 times a week on average. But my question is what is the difference between washing the scalp and washing the hair? It seems that I do not want to wash my hair but my scalp only... Hmm. Also, when doing the natural method I understand you cant comb your hair but is it okay to run my hand through my hair every now and then so it doesnt look like a complete mess when I am at work and have to look professional? Thanks for the help!

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Marcellus Wallace
4 years ago
46 posts

As far as I know, shampooing your scalp promotes the healthy growth of your hair, and keeps it clean as it locks, whereas shampooing your dreads might make them cleaner, but appears to me that it's not necessary. I like to wash my locks when I want them to smell good for a while (not that they smell bad or nothin). Using stuff like ACV on your dreads will make them softer as well if that's a concern. I usually wash my scalp, but from time to time will wash my locks. I too ran my fingers through my hair to keep it non-explosive and I found it does slow down dreading progress considerably. Now i try not to touch my hair too much and simply tie it back or under.

4 years ago
601 posts

just by washing your scalp the soap will run through the dreads/hair, you don't have to touch them to wash them.

don't finger comb at all, don't touch your hair just let it go. if you are running your hand or fingers in it not only are you combing things out but you are adding oils to your hair.

Castaway J
4 years ago
588 posts

most i would do when i started natural was pat it down, i never ran, or tried not to at least, my fingers throguh my hair untill after a i do it all the time lol. im stoked for your journey brother, its gonna be great :)

also yeah just stick to washing your scalp if you use the soaps. otherwise stick with the baking soda wash it is no touch washing so its great for baby dreads.

Baba Fats
4 years ago
2,730 posts

There are only a handful of times you should ever wash your locks directly. If you have buildup and need to strip it, if you used wax, gels, etc..., and if you get crap in your hair. Other than that, you only need to wash your scalp. The soap will run through your hair and clean in.

There are no set rules on whether to run your hands through your hair. It will slow your progress down considerably if you do, though. If you need you hair to look neat for work, I'd recommend wear it up in a tam.

camden eidson
4 years ago
4 posts

Thank you everyone! All of you gave good advice, this really helps me. You guys are awesome! :D

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