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Baking soda vs. dreads shampoo...

5 years ago
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Okay, so I started the dreading process a little over a month ago and the few TnR ones I did have basically become undone. My hair is finally starting to section itself off...and kind of remain sectioned. I'd ordered the dreadlocks shampoo after using baking soda and sea salt several times. Any time I use the dreadlocks shampoo, any sectioning that has happened pretty much goes away. My hair gets super fluffy and soft. I've even tried diluting the shampoo, but the same thing happens. So I've gone back to the baking soda and sea salt ( which works great for me ). I also stopped using apple cider vinegar afterward (I did dilute it), despite getting some dandruff/itchies. Tea tree oil is awesome, btw.

It seems like when I use anything other than just the baking soda and salt, any progress my hair has made will become undone. :[

Has anyone else experienced this? Will sticking to just the baking soda/salt be a bad thing in the long run?

Sorry if this has been asked/addressed already. Thanks. :]

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5 years ago
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The worst thing that could happen is your scalp will dry out and itch really bad. Once a week with acv should suffice. Everything with dreads is hit and miss, find what works best for you and go with it!
5 years ago
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Did you get liquid dreadlockshampoo? The liquid worked great for me, but like Mons said, its all hit and miss. If BS/ACV worked great for me, then that is what I'd use, but it isn't working for me, so I use dreadlockshampoo, I'm sure there are a hundred other things that'll work. I've stopped looking for now though. So it might just be matter of, if it works, stick with it.

peace and blessings

5 years ago
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i have the liquid shampoo, my hair is pretty soft and barely sectioned, just a little at the ends but im starting to form some dreads. slowly but surely.

5 years ago
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Thanks for the replies, everyone! I did use the liquid shampoo. I guess I'll just stick with the bs and a little acv for now because it's working for me so far. Maybe experiment with the shampoo occasionally because it does smell really nice. It's reassuring to know that you guys used the shampoo and your hair is still locking! Thanks! :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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u should do the acv u can do it very weak but should do it or the ph ballence will be off

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Nathan D Palmer
5 years ago
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It dose depend on your hair type and how fast its dreading and what you are willing to do. Like my wife has fast dreading hair and she uses the dreadlock shampoo and iuse the bs/ acv wash along with the slat to make my hair dread faster. What ever works for you I guess. Pease
the Barrellady
5 years ago
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For the apple cider vinegar, mix 1 capful to 5 cups/1.18 liters of water & leave on for only 1-2 minutes. You said you diluted the ACV, but you may have still used too much, so your hair was getting too conditioned. :)

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