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Angel Frye
7 years ago
409 posts

Just to be clear, Soaring Eagle-- I'm not proposing classic TWISTING twisting. Just... smoothing twisting. I guess I'd have to say that it's like very gentle enforcement of separating by using the flax seed gel while letting the gel and hair do it's thing symbiotically.

Twisting like salon-type twisting is bad, mkay? Me no like balding. I am finally starting to really love my hair after thirty-two years so I wanna keep it right where it is-- on my head!

And like I said above-- if the hair doesn't want to twist and wants to be straight then smooth on a bit of the flax seed hair gel and leave that sucker alone otherwise. We never want to try to force the hair into doing something it doesn't want to; that's why we start hating our hair to begin with.

updated by @angel-frye: 07/13/15 09:59:42AM
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