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Dread seperation advice

7 years ago
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I've been dreading my hair for almost two years now completely neglect, no backcomb crocheting or anything like that. I've only used Dr. Bronner's soap, occasional BS/ACV wash, and soap from

Progress has been quite slow which is fine, but since my hair is very curly my dreads keep dreading into each other. If I don't separate them everyday they become so intertwined that it's almost impossible to separate. All my baby dreads are fairly large by now and I don't want them to congo.

Any advice or separation tips? I also have a lot of loose hair on the outside of my dreads so any tips for that as well would be welcome.I understand that time is the ultimate cure for loose hair but it has been two years and they are still fairly loose and not totally looking like dreads so please help me out if you can.

I put some photos below.


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Alexander Šuma
7 years ago
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Very loose for 2 years.You need some beads..The hair inside the actual bead doesn't seem to dread for me,but the hair above and below does.Then you just move the bead...From the looks of it,you need several beads.Wood beads are cheap,and easy to remove by crushing them if they get stuck.

As far as congoing and avoiding it goes,rip them apart when wet.The hairs break more easily.That's as good as it gets.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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wonder why its been slow they look like they should drad great so look at yoir routne see if theres anything that u maybe doing to slow thinfs

seperation pull them apart then slide a finger along the scalp between the dreads tryijg to hook under any connecting hairs and pull up and oiy t but

seperating creates loose hairs bettween dreads so doing it daily might be overkill does it really get hopelessly twangled that fast? if so yiud expect the dreads to dread super fast too

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7 years ago
4 posts

Thank you guys for your replies.

I really don't know why it's taking so long. It's hard to tell by the pictures but the dreads are actually fairly tight and solid there is just a lot of loose hair surrounding them. I'll try to add another photo to show you. Is there anything I can do about that? I'm not gonna wear beads so any other recommendations please let me know.

And yes it really does get tangled that fast but unfortunately doesn't dread quickly.

Is the Handmade Organic Lock Magic Locking Gel from a good option? Has anyone used it and can recommend it?

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