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dreadheadhq dreadwax used once regretted forever never wax dreads

9 years ago
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Thanks for clarifying :). I have not had to use anything like this, but from what I read it is a big help. The hot hot water is what I also hear is awesome for helping remove. I have read too that you can't easily get ALL the wax out. The best hope is most.Knottysleeves said:
That's a deep-clean recipe and it's awesome for dissolving dirt and lint etc... but it won't actually remove wax. Wax takes a lot of hard work to remove and very, very, very hot water. :-)

Here's a recipe to remove wax that may work (I hear it's wonderful!). In fairness, I pulled it from a dread site that pulled it from another dread site (

Grab a big bowl of warm water, or hot-ish if you can stand it. (as hot as possible)
Add 3/4 cup of baking soda,
8-9 drops of tea tree oil,
2 table spoons of lemon juice,
and 2 table spoons of sea salt,
stir and stir until it's dissolved.

Soak dreads in the bowl or use a squirt bottle or something similar to apply it to your scalp and dreads.

Grab a towel and wrap it around your head and leave it there for around half an hour, or more.

Rinse it out, really well. And that's it!

Good luck.

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Kundalini Rise
8 years ago
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Yes, don't use them, they are in sheep's clothing!
8 years ago
8 posts
so so sorry. what type of hair
8 years ago
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im curious to what this wax looks like ive never seen it really like candle wax or more of a grease?..if its like candle wax i couldnt ever imagine putting that crap in my hair..
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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well sorta 1/2 way betweena soft wax but it can hardenot at least thats what it seems like from what ive seen never would touch the stuff myself

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