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Wool pillow case

9 years ago
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So, I recently had the idea of crocheting a wool pillow case to possibly help the locking process speed up since I move around so much when I sleep. Any thoughts or people with experience in this area?

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!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
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wool does help create knots but will also maybe make em more frizzy in the process some prefer satin wich keeps down the frizz but doesnt help create knots

its a trade off

the relative roughness of wool or even cotton can sorta snag looser hairs making frizzz

while the smoothness of silk or satin helps smooth em down but doesnt help knot em up

plus the wool part of how it works i think is creating static charges hair and wool and cotton have opposite charges so create static easy

i bet u remember asa kid rubbing a sock or bakloon on your head and your hair standing straight up from th ]=e static cg=harge

hair rubbing on wool dos that

just like if you wear a wool sweatter over a cotton t shirt and yiu take off the sweatter just the motion of wool against cotton seperartes electrons from the wool which attach to the cotton creating a static charge then you touch someone and..zap

i think thst charging ..the repelling attracting of electrons is part of what helps tangle the hair when wools rubbed against it

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Baba Fats
9 years ago
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Wool helps, but like Eagle said it'll cause tons of frizzies. Plus it's really warm in the summer. If you want, you could just get a normal cotton pillow case, but something like 200 count thread. That'll be comfy, and rough enough that it'll cause some knotting without making your head into a puff ball.

I started mine 5 years ago not knowing about this site (if it's even been around that long). I just went with my gut, which happened to lead me to do practically nothing. And 5 years later I couldn't be happier. Of course there are things you can do to speed up the process, but none of it will help you grow locks any better than another. Locks will grow no matter what you do to them

9 years ago
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I just tried sleeping on wool for two nights and I didn't like it at all. Major frizz and on the second morning I found undreaded hair that was dreaded before the wool experiment. It seems that the wool is doing more harm than good for me. I'm four month along and maybe this works better in the very beginning of the journey.

9 years ago
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interesting, i may just give that a try, in the PNW summers are pretty tame, but i can imagine wool would be a bit overpowering and my heads frizzy enough as it is haha

6 days ago
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As you guys are talking about wool pillow cases , I was also very confuse between satin vs silk pillowcase which one will be best to pick in my room, then i picked a silk pillow case which is very soft in touch and had a best material.

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