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Dreads get frizzy after shower

Lucas Tucas
6 years ago
18 posts

If I were you, i cut and let them grow natural, or try to comb them out, but you crochet so i don't know how this would be.

You have loose hair because when you crochet you break hair from scalp and then it grows again, but isn't inside the "dread".

updated by @lucas-tucas: 07/22/15 02:47:50PM
Evelyn Maes
6 years ago
30 posts

In my opinion they don't look neat but damaged. Mine are also frizzy after showering but i usually wash them when i know i don't have to go outside that day. After sleeping on them for a night they look nice again.

Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,730 posts

I was waiting for someone to say it.

Your boss may not like nappy hair, but by law they are not allowed to act on their own feelings. Now, if your hair causes them to lose clients because of their bigotry, or they start getting trouble from outside the company, your boss has legal recourse to do something. You hair is protected under religious tolerance. Any employer has to allow for yourpreference. But if in anyway your spiritual beliefs cause undo hardship for them, you may be asked to leave or at least cover your head.

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