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my hair is 3 inches and already dreading? :)

7 years ago
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after my first experiance with dreads (back comb, wax and then lice fallowed by shaving them off) my hair has grown to be about 3 inches all over give or take. i already have about 5 or 6 little dreads formed in the back and at this point it would take a bit of work to get them out (not that i want to). do you guys think i should help get the top and sides going by teasing the hair or just leave it? i want dreads really bad again.. i cried when i had to cut them off. im also expecting my first child in may and would love for there to be some actual formed dreads but the length is still kinda short..

pictured are my old dreads almost 8 months old i think..

updated by @cassie: 01/13/15 09:14:21PM
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7 years ago
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the rest will catch up soon enough


it really wants to dread

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7 years ago
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That sounds like good progress, Cassie. I wouldn't tease it or do anything. Your hair will remember how to dread. Love to see some pics when you feel ready.

7 years ago
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yea im really lazy and non of these computers i use are mine :/ ill get pictures soon enough! im just surprised the few i have are formed!

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