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To Separate Or Not To Separate, That Is The Question.....

Shane sullivan
7 years ago
62 posts

Hello everyone....

It's been a while since I've been on here and I've come a long way in my journey.... I'm almost to my 6th month mark now and I have two of the same thing happening and I'm just wondering if I should let it be or if I should separate it...

two of my dreads are doing this weird disk looking thing... it looks like they are eating them selves and forming a big circle...

It's not painful or anything... just looks a little funny if you can find it (they are both on the underneath)

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Lisa Palmer
7 years ago
7 posts

personally i think you should leave it be. it adds personality to your dreads. love it and nurture it and hug it and squeeze it and call it george. lol, but really you could name it. i think it looks pretty cool and that's one of the fun things about dreads. they do strange things and act like they have a mind of their own. let them do what they will and you will be happier in the long run and so will your beautiful dreads

Shane sullivan
7 years ago
62 posts

Well my only thing is I don't want it to always be like this... every time i shake my dreads out it beats me in the face in a very unfriendly way... lol

I just want it to straighten out some... some loops and curvedness is cool but I don't want it to become a source for self torture...

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,332 posts

it will get longer and no longer beart u in yoir face till then..stop shaking it so hard

u seperate the roots..not the tips

thats just a tip thats blunting itself

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Shane sullivan
7 years ago
62 posts

Alright thank you... I figured I should just let it go but I wanted to ask for safe measure.... lol

it just looks funny lol oh well....

thank you thought...

7 years ago
1,294 posts

i have a bunch of these. you could bind them with hemp or embroidery thread to compress them.

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