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acv rinse for flakey scalp????

10 years ago
362 posts

It's a coal tar based shampoo by Neutrogena. It doesn't smell the best, but it helps with the itchies and flakeyness. My mate and I use it pretty regularly (at least in his hair).

updated by @faelwynn: 07/23/15 05:12:06PM
Electric Mama
10 years ago
80 posts

Mine are almost 3 years, so I do believe it would be fine! I broke out in hives when I used the baking soda the 1st time, then it took me 2 years to actually try it again now it is all I use! I really want to try the acv rinse though, T- Gel sounds bomb too, is that good for your dreads though? How did you use the acv rinse Faelwynn, thanks in advance!!

Sebastian Martinez
10 years ago
6 posts

why does rinsing the acv with cold water help extra??

10 years ago
10 posts

The coldwater is better for your scalp, hot water drys it out cold water don't, so if you got dandruff the cold water helps.

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