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Tidying up dreads??

Becky Master
7 years ago
5 posts

Oh - and I really would like to wear some beads or something, but the ends of my dreads are so lumpy I haven't found any that will fit. Could I wind embroidery thread round a couple of them - or will this slow down the knotting process?


updated by @becky-master: 07/23/15 05:11:24AM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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ok well who cares if they look and talk thast just means you stand out and arent boring be glad they are your the most intersting person in town!

now your hair it looks like it suffering from being hidden doesnt it?

all mashed up from developing in an enclosed dark space

maybe not being seperatedenough

they look good but look like they reallllly need time to be free

shake em out do not put on the tam for the nexst week or 2 leave em free then go out and flaunt em


but really hats what it looks like to me thwyve just been tucked away wat too much

they nereeed ime to be free if theyre always in a tam they will form to fit in the tam

eventualy fusing into a bifg ol messs

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