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Self blunting locs

Dan B
7 years ago
58 posts
My Black hair is thick and is hellishly curly for a White british guy. I'm glad because I'm finding it's matting visually more daily. But I often used to get a light ribbing about my practically African hair. So I wasn't surprised about the folding over at the ends of my dreads. And I kept unfolding them to try and keep them from blunting to much.It's all the maintenance I do apart from separating then weekly. But I've noticed some have folded over and within a week are pretty damn stuck. My hair is dreading much faster than I expected at 2 months. I'd really like to just let it do what it wants. So my question is the washing and drying problem one. Is it worth my keeping the tips straight or is it a trivial thing. It's gonna be like another 6 months of unfolding the tips vs many years of washing and drying. Or am I going to be fighting a loosing battle?To be fair I like the blunt tips but I keep hearing people talking about that extra drying time being a risk of mildew.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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well i always say if they blunt themselves let em they def will dry slower but really it wont be 6 months fighting it it will be forever they wont ever stopo trying to bluynt (probly) if thats wht they wanna do

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7 years ago
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most of mine have blunted themselves too, there's nothing you can really do to stop it. Just make sure to let them dry before putting on a hat or tying them back you'll be fine. :o)
7 years ago
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Mine are blunting up on the tips by themselves too. I have been picking them free again on a regular basis but feel I am loosing my battle.
7 years ago
4 posts
I wouldn't worry too much aye. Most of mine are blunted where the end have folded and knotted themselves back up the dread... some have straight end like a brush tip... none wory me. though i spose if you're worried about them not dryng fast enough, wash them on a sunny day and keep them out. I'd have to say the blunt tips are my favorite :)
Lu A
7 years ago
66 posts
Mine do the same thing. It's only been a month and about half of the ends have folded in on themselves, especially those in the back for some reason. You're fighting a losing battle, so I say just let em do what they wanna.
7 years ago
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mine are doing that too. i guess there's not much we can do about it.
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