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Washing Dreads/Hair That Is Dreading?

7 years ago
11 posts
Well until recently i was wetting my hair everyday, just out of habit and i'm pretty sure i shouldn't do that, so i got a tam! problem solved.but i'm not sure what to wash it with besides something that is residue free. i was using my tigi shampoo, but it's probably not residue free an it's moisturizing lol so i probably shouldn't use it anyways. so today when i washed it i use this all natural bar soap. is that ok? it's seriously all natural, i looked at the ingredients.
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7 years ago
11 posts
also how do you make sure your dreads are dry!?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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whats in the soap u can use the baking soda deep clkeanse which is better then soap

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Tim Barnes
7 years ago
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you can let em air dry, and any excess water that is built up in em can be easily handrolled out. This chick i know has great dreads and uses head and shoulders lol- so as long as they are knotted up real nice i guess it doesnt matter whatever shampoo you use as long as theres no conditioner in it
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